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Why are there cancellation fees?
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Drop fees are imposed because teachers have already been paid for your student(s), administration activities and other labors have been performed in great detail, classes have been prepared including your Student Portal, assignments, teacher prep, notes, lessons, test creation, and many other duties performed for you and your student(s) beginning in August. These fees are carefully thought out and designed to be fair to both customers and Apologia.


Many labor hours have been spent on your student by teachers and administrators.


Your registration is a ‘contract’ between your family and ours. We expect all customers have carefully considered their decision to register. Registering for the same course with numerous institutions in order to get a ‘seat’ only to later drop all but one can be very costly to each institution. Registering with Apologia’s live online classes (#1 in the industry) creates a contractual agreement that you intend to stay registered and not drop classes.



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