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folder-icon Can a cell really go through meiosis II without first going through meiosis I (Module 7, Test Question 9)? folder-icon Can beet seeds be used rather than radish seeds in Experiment 8.3? folder-icon For Experiment 6.2, what can I use instead of Anacharis leaves? folder-icon Has microevolution actually been observed? folder-icon How are multiple seeds formed within a fruit? Are there multiple carpels in a plant or multiple ovules in each carpel? folder-icon How many ATPs are made in aerobic respiration? folder-icon If pollen can land anywhere, why doesn't the pollen of one species of plant fertilize the ovule of another species of plant, making some kind of cross between the plants? folder-icon If sensing and responding to change is one of the criteria for life, does a one-celled human meet that criterion? folder-icon In Biology, you say that scientists will never discover the secret ingredient of life. What about cloning? folder-icon In Experiment 6.2, why did the banana not turn blue when iodine was put on it? folder-icon In Experiment 7.1, can clear liquid hand soap be used instead of clear dish soap? folder-icon In Experiment 7.1, is there anything I can use instead of meat tenderizer? folder-icon In Module 2, does the student need to memorize the bacteria classification scheme? folder-icon In Module 8, Study Guide Question 12, wouldn't the answer be a “change in chromosomal structure,” and not “change in chromosomal number”? folder-icon Is it possible to have an allele that is not completely dominant (Biology, Module 8)? folder-icon Is septate (or non-septate) hyphae an answer to Module 4 Test, Question #5? folder-icon Mules are infertile and thus cannot produce offspring. Since one criterion for life is the ability to reproduce, is a mule not alive? folder-icon On Biology Module 7, Study Guide Question 16, why is the answer 8 instead of 16? folder-icon Since viruses have RNA or DNA, aren't they alive? folder-icon What are we supposed to see in the plasmolysis experiment (Experiment 6.2)? folder-icon What does the rubbing alcohol do in the DNA extraction experiment (Experiment 7.1)? folder-icon What if my results in Experiment 10.1 are not those discussed in the book? folder-icon What is an isotonic solution? folder-icon What kind of peas are needed for Experiment 7.1? folder-icon What kinds of labs are in Biology? How many labs are there? folder-icon What should I do if I am having trouble seeing DNA in Biology Experiment 7.1? folder-icon When ATP is broken apart there is a release of energy, ADP, and a phosphate. But the cell takes that ADP and the phosphate and puts them back together to make ATP. Where did the energy to do this come from? folder-icon Where can I find pond water if the pond is frozen or I live in a desert? I need it for Experiments 2.1, 2.2, and 3.1. folder-icon Why are secretion vesicles not a valid answer to Module 6, Test Question 5? folder-icon Why can't I see any organisms in Experiment 3.1?
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