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folder-icon Can you explain Physical Science Example 10.2 in a different way? folder-icon Can you explain Physical Science Example 11.1 more? How do you manipulate the gravitational force? folder-icon How are stars classified (Physical Science, Module 16)? folder-icon How do I access the links mentioned in the Physical Science Student Notebook? folder-icon How do you calculate the correct height in Physical Science Experiment 9.3? folder-icon How do you solve Physical Science On Your Own 12.2? folder-icon If the universe is expanding, why is the Andromeda galaxy moving towards us? folder-icon In Module 9, Test Question 11, how can the rock and ball have the same acceleration? The ball was thrown and thus has a higher velocity. folder-icon In Physical Science Example 9.6, the equation time changes from 1.2 seconds to 1.44 seconds without explanation. Why was this done? folder-icon In Physical Science Experiment 1.1, why didn't the wire attached to the negative terminal of the battery turn green like the one attached to the positive terminal of the battery? folder-icon In Physical Science Module 11, Study Guide Question 6, why do you say distance was reduced by a factor of 3? It went from 12 to 4. folder-icon In Physical Science Module 12, Study Guide Question 4, how do you get an increase by a factor of 8? folder-icon In Physical Science On Your Own 10.8, why does the cat's resistance play a role? folder-icon In physical science On Your Own 2.3, wouldn't the water vapor in the air INCREASE the percentage of oxygen? folder-icon In Physical Science On Your Own Question 1.2, why is the answer molecules? After all, aren't molecules made up of atoms? folder-icon Is too much oxygen in the air really bad for you? I have heard some people say that increased oxygen is good for you, like in hyperbaric chambers. folder-icon On the Physical Science Module 11 Test, Question 13, why is the answer, ‚ÄúThe General Theory of Relativity‚ÄĚ? folder-icon What if my results in Physical Science Experiment 2.3 are not those discussed in the book? folder-icon What is the bulb thermometer used in Physical Science Experiment 2.1? folder-icon What is the chemical reaction that occurs in Physical Science Experiment 1.1? folder-icon Where can I get the weather data I need for Physical Science Experiment 7.1? folder-icon Where can iron nails for Experiment 6.3 be purchased? folder-icon Why doesn't the gravitational attraction between the earth and the sun pull the earth into the sun? Why doesn't the gravitational attraction of the earth and the moon pull the moon into the earth? folder-icon Why do I get different answers when I use the equation for the speed of sound in Physical Science? folder-icon Why don't the electrons in an atom just fall into the nucleus, since they are attracted by the positive charge? folder-icon Why is the charge blue in Physical Science Experiment 8.1, but the charge is yellow when I get shocked going down a plastic slide? Also, why does it hurt when I get shocked on a slide and not in the experiment?
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