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Are payment plans available?
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Yes! At checkout, you can choose to pay in full or with an easy payment plan ("layaway plan"). The payment plan is automatically generated by calculating the period of time between the date of registration to October 31, and at checkout you will pay a deposit per class/per student (subtracted from your total). There are no additional fees for choosing a payment plan; however, paying in full allows you to receive a 10% discount if you enter the promo code FULLPAYTODAY.


Other discount codes are available for those who choose the layaway payment plan.


Payment amounts and frequency (monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly) will be determined based on the date you register. (In August, payment plans will switch to weekly automatic debits.) After registering with a payment plan, the payment dates can be adjusted, if desired, by contacting [email protected].


Final payment is due by or before October 31.



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