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Can we use the Young Explorer titles for 7th and 8th grade?
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While it’s tempting to take a great elementary curriculum such as the Young Explorer Series and continue it into middle school, it isn’t what is best for your student. Middle school is a transitional time for your student. In two short years, students will build upon their strong elementary science foundation and advance toward high school sciences. They will learn more formal notetaking skills and good study habits for exams. They will begin to document their laboratory sciences in a more formal way.


Apologia has designed curriculum specifically for this purpose. If you are concerned that your student missed out because he or she didn’t complete the entire Young Explorer Series, rest assured that we thought of that, too. Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition, is written for all students and covers all of the general sciences. It’s the perfect review for a young explorer, as well as a wonderful way to introduce new students into the scientific fields even if they haven’t had a formal elementary course. If your student is advancing into 7th grade, leave the Young Explorer Series behind, knowing that your student has the needed foundation to move forward.

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