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Can you change or alter grades?
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A test grade, combined with a lab grade and participation work, will help determine a grade for the course. Detailed information on how to calculate grades can be found in the Student Notebook or the Self-Paced Guide. You are free to redistribute points as you see fit; however, it is not possible to change the grades in the system. You will need to do so in your personal records. It is important to note that Apologia does not report grades or provide a transcript for any of our products or services, including Self-Paced Courses, Video On Demand, Live Online Classes, and Online Testing.


For reporting purposes, the homeschool may recalculate a final grade if you would like to manually add additional scores for assignments like laboratory work. Canvas will not automatically include scores from outside work. It is the responsibility of the homeschool to track grades and report the final score on the student's school transcript. HSLDA is a great resource for information on this for you and your homeschool.


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