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Where will I find the tests and answers?
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  • Answers to the On Your Own questions are in the textbook at the end of each module. This facilitates an easy self-check by the student.
  • Tests are at the back of the student notebook.
  • Answers to the tests and study guides are available for free on the Book Extras section of our website. 


Below are instructions for how to access the study guide and test answer keys in Book Extras: 

  •  Find the course password for Health and Nutrition, 2nd edition, in your textbook. If you need help finding the password, please click here.
  •  Visit, click on My Account, and register for or log in to your account there.
  •  Once you are logged in, you will see several options along the left side, including Book Extras.
  • Click on "Book Extras," enter the course password and click "Submit." The Health and Nutrition, 2nd edition, link will appear below under "Your Book Extras Subscriptions." 


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