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How is a Self-Paced course structured?
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A Self-Paced course includes up to 16 modules that correspond to the Apologia textbook. Each module takes about two weeks to complete if the student spends one hour of each school day on the course.


  • Students read sections of the textbook modules on the Self-Paced course portal. They can opt to read along with the built-in audio narration.
  • Students watch the instructional videos corresponding to the sections they have read. These are the same lectures found on Apologia’s video instruction thumb drive for the course.
  • Students review the On Your Own questions as they complete each section of the module. Once they have responded to a question either verbally or in writing, they can click the question to view the correct answer. These questions are written to be utilized by the students to check their comprehension of the material. If their answer was incorrect, they should re-read the section or refer to the answer key to learn why. We recommend grading the On Your Own questions for completion, rather than correctness.
  • Students should complete each lab experiment as they progress through the module. These lab activities reinforce the reading material. All experiments are designed to be done safely at home.
  • Students review the study guide questions at the end of the module and write the answers in their student notebook. They should then click each question to view the correct answer and check their work. Working through the study guide questions will help students prepare for the module exam.
  • Students then take the online exam for that module. Once the exam is completed and submitted, the system will automatically grade the exam. The grade is then logged and will be visible on the student’s grades page. Students can retake the exam multiple times for Module 1 and Module 2, which will help them adapt to the exam format. If your student requires extra attempts on later exams, please reach out to us at [email protected].
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