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Do you have payment plans for Live Classes?
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Parents should email [email protected] to request a payment plan according to the following parameters: 


  • A payment plan cannot be initiated or paid through the Apologia website.
  • For families on a payment plan, a $35 non-refundable registration fee will be charged per class seat. Classes paid in full will not incur a registration fee.
  • Payment plans are available from March 1st through June 15th, with the final balance due July 15th.
  • The first payment per class seat is paid at registration, with the remaining balance due in equal installments on the 15th of each remaining month. The balance will be paid in full by July 15th.
  • A monthly invoice will be sent to the parent’s email address a week before payments are due. Installment payments are taken over the phone. 
  • Students will receive access to the Canvas student portal once classes are paid in full.
  • Parents should email [email protected] or call 765-608-3280 for more information.






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